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How a Change of CMS Increased Traffic

We doubled traffic and added new technical possibilities.

TRAFFIC INCREASED by 2 times over 3 months



A promo code aggregator website aimed to increase its traffic for key queries.

The aggregator had technical restrictions for optimizing web pages.


Our Solutions

1. Changing CMS

We helped migrate the website to a new CMS with wider possibilities.

Because the existing content management system did not allow for adding new blocks to pages, we decided to change the CMS to a more effective one in terms of SEO promotion. We organized the whole process of the site migration: from preparation to results.





2. Fixing technical issues

We fixed the issues the site had before the migration.

We conducted a technical audit and fixed many technical issues. Among other things, we closed duplicates from indexing, eliminated the generation of low-quality pages, set up the hierarchy of titles, deleted spam reviews, and optimized the site structure.


3. Optimizing page content

We increased the value of the most traffic-generating pages.

We did some work on internal linking blocks, meta tags, H1 titles, and texts on the pages that could potentially attract the most search traffic. Besides, we added videos and other useful content to the pages. We also worked on the queries relevant to a particular month. For example, we looked at “promo codes Nike July”. As a result, we came up with the following scheme: on days 1 to 20, we optimized the pages for the current month and, starting from day 21, – for the current plus the following month. This helped improve the position of the site in terms of search queries with the names of months.



Only 3 months after we had started working on the project, the traffic increased by 2 times and the growth continued further. The migration to a new CMS helped eliminate technical issues and allowed for new technical possibilities.