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Top SeoTOP-10 Best SEO Companies in Australia

TOP-10 Best SEO Companies in Australia

Ever wondered how your favorite websites effortlessly claim the top spots in search results? It’s not a magic trick; it’s the artistry of SEO specialists. These digital maestros, scattered from the bustling cityscapes of Sydney to the laid-back vibes of Melbourne, are the silent champions of the internet.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the craft of ensuring that when you type something into Google, Bing, or any other search engine, the results you see precisely match what you’re searching for. Picture it as being an online detective, decoding the clues that search engines use to rank websites.

Embark on a journey through the digital landscapes with Australia’s Top 10 SEO players, peeling back the curtain on the secrets behind this digital detective work. Each of these SEO experts is a virtuoso in refining websites, keywords, and content, making them shine in the vast digital expanse.

Get ready to explore the expertise of the Top best 10 SEO companies in Australia as we introduce each expert guiding search rankings and digital visibility. Brace yourself for a digital journey! In this online world Down Under, SEO success is set to take you to new heights like never before.

Buckle up, mate! The SEO adventure begins now. 🌐✨

List of the Top 10 Australian SEO Companies

Presenting the top 10 SEO Companies in Australia – now, let’s delve into the standout performers. Each excels in enhancing online visibility. Explore their profiles to discover digital strategies tailored for Australia’s online landscape, propelling businesses to new heights.


+1 312 248.7910
264 George St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia


Jettrinet stands out as a prominent SEO company in Australia, diligently perfecting online visibility for businesses since 2001. Recognized with several awards as the best SEO company, our extensive portfolio boasts successful promotions for over 1500 sites, whether through SEO strategies or targeted paid advertisements. With 12 years of dedicated industry expertise, Jettrinet prides itself on tailoring approaches to meet your unique needs. Entrust your digital success to our top-tier team committed to navigating the ever-evolving online realm.


  • Triple Organic Traffic Surge:
    Experience a 3x surge in organic traffic from Google, with 85% of keywords securing top 10 positions. Achieve a remarkable 230% growth in organic traffic.
  • Quality Website, Quality Traffic:
    JetTrinet ensures quality traffic through meticulous website optimization, resulting in a phenomenal 300% growth within two months.
  • Strategic Website Development:
    JetTrinet excels with over 900 uniquely crafted websites, strategically developed for a strong online presence tailored to each business’s needs.


Technical SEO:
JetTrinet goes beyond traditional SEO services! Your website’s technical ‘health’ plays a crucial role in its ranking. JetTrinet specializes in optimizing your site, enhancing First Contentful Paint (FCP), mitigating Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS), fixing broken links, and streamlining scanning processes. These improvements not only elevate user experience but also enhance your site’s accessibility to search engines.

eCommerce SEO:
Partnering with all major eCommerce platforms and custom solutions, JetTrinet leverages extensive experience to tailor individual strategies for your niche. Our approach, refined through successful online store promotions, implements proven solutions to drive optimal results.

Link Building:
Recognizing the critical role of backlinks in Google’s ranking algorithm, JetTrinet’s Link Building service stands out. We meticulously research and assess link quality, ensuring that each link positively impacts your project’s relevance. Our careful approach guarantees the effectiveness of your link-building strategy.

2. Victorious

(415) 621-9830
548 Market St. #41895 San Francisco, CA 94104


Victorious began in the early 2010s as one of the many fresh-faced agencies entering the new inbound marketing scene. We spent the next several years building a full-service digital marketing agency with SEO as a supportive pillar to a larger set of services. But in 2016, we made a hard pivot to focus on SEO alone.


  • Embark on a transformative journey with a search strategy rooted in values, offering enduring benefits for your business.
  • Rely on proven search strategies that yield results with Triumph, a search agency committed to empowering clients through customer-centric and customized services.
  • Count on transparent outcomes from a trusted SEO partner, experiencing adaptable, full-funnel services that convert organic traffic into measurable returns.


Keyword Services:
Refine your online presence through our comprehensive approach to research, competitive analysis, keyword strategy development, external anchor text analysis, and meticulous page optimizations. We ensure your digital strategy excels in the online landscape.

Technical SEO:
Uncover the strength of your digital foundation with our meticulous Technical SEO services, including in-depth audits, Google Analytics assessments, international SEO evaluations, 301 redirect mapping, and regular technical site sweeps.

Off-Page SEO:
Elevate your online presence with our Off-Page SEO expertise. From strategic link building and thorough backlink audits with manual disavow, to optimizing your presence on platforms like YouTube, Google Business, and App Stores, we ensure your business thrives in the digital landscape.

3. Clickmatix

1300 159 314
Suite 409, 838 Collins Street, Docklands, VIC 3008


Clickmatix started with a passion for highly refined digital marketing techniques that put businesses where they deserve to be – at the very top. Having paved our own path through tried and tested campaigns across search engine marketing, social media, pay-per-click advertising, and careful growth hacking, we leveraged our own skillsets to land us where we are now


  • Proven Performance for 500+ Clients: Clickmatix stands out with a track record of satisfying over 500 clients, demonstrating consistent success in achieving remarkable results in organic traffic growth.
  • Revenue Generation Excellence: With Clickmatix, experience the prowess of a company that has generated over $15 million in revenue, showcasing a commitment to driving tangible business outcomes.
  • Dominating Page 1 with 12K+ Keywords: Choose Clickmatix for a comprehensive SEO approach that has led to the dominance of over 12,000 keywords ranking on the coveted first page, ensuring heightened online visibility for your business.


Local SEO:
Ensure your business shines on Google in your local area. We specialize in local SEO, making sure your business appears when customers search for products or services similar to yours in your specific geographical location.

Website Audit:
Uncover and resolve issues holding back your website’s ranking and traffic. Our comprehensive website audits provide insights, suggestions for improvement, and a tailored plan to elevate your online presence.

Enterprise SEO:
Ideal for businesses aiming for substantial online growth. Our Enterprise SEO services ensure consistent progress, aligning with your company’s expanding web presence. We’re dedicated to supporting your goals every step of the way.

4.Safari Digital

(02) 8006 9002
Level 2, Suite 11 York Street Sydney NSW 2000


Safari Digital, founded by Liam Ridings, emerged from his background in copywriting and website ventures, where he recognized the significance of search engine optimization (SEO) in driving website traffic. After gaining experience in a client-side marketing role in 2016, Liam was inspired to create something better than existing marketing agencies. During a sabbatical in Europe, he established Safari Digital, dedicating time to master the SEO industry and position the company at the forefront of search rankings. Despite limited resources, Liam’s strategic on-site and off-site efforts propelled Safari Digital to the top of Google within 9 months.


  • Expert Strategy: Years of experience and data-driven insights result in SEO strategies that ensure lasting growth.
  • Results Focus: Prioritizing tangible outcomes, Safari Digital emphasizes facts, figures, and measurable ROI.
  • Flexible Collaboration: Enjoy the benefits of an in-house SEO consultant without the commitment, working independently or collaboratively for significant business growth.


Keyword Research:
The key to every successful SEO campaign – keyword research. We choose keywords that deliver real results and leads.

Content Creation:
Today, content accounts for roughly 50% of how your website appears in Google. We create content that users love and Google adores.

On-Site Optimization:
On-site optimizations that make it easy for Google to crawl your website. We focus on the user experience and user journey for on-site improvements.

5. Kreative Machinez

+91-8272908210 (SALES)


At Kreative Machinez, we have on board dynamic professionals and ace marketers, helping us to be the trusted best digital marketing company in Kolkata. Business owners belonging to different industries, in need of business promotional plans and marketing needs, resort to us for edgy business game plans. We are driven by 3 C’s: Commitment. Consistency. Confidence.


  • 50+ Awards: Recognized for excellence with over 50 awards.
  • Experienced Team: A dedicated and experienced team of SEO specialists, content creators, and social media experts.
  • Transparent Communication: Prioritizing openness, we provide detailed reports for tracking progress, answering queries, and collaborating closely for online success.


Digital Marketing:
At Kreative Machinez, we pride ourselves on providing digital marketing services in Kolkata to small and medium-sized businesses. Our team of experts stays on top of the latest industry trends and best practices to ensure that our clients are always ahead of the curve.

SEO Services:
Our company stands out as a dependable SEO agency for businesses due to several key factors. We excel in comprehending the unique aspects of businesses and in identifying the most relevant commercial, transactional, and informational keywords for our clients.

Social Media Marketing:
Kreative Machinez, one of the foremost social media companies in Kolkata, helps clients with exactly that. We offer the best and most up-to-date social media optimization services that are in sync with the latest trends.

6. Advisible

1300 812 447
Suite 302, Level 3/120 Sussex St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia


We’re a team of passionate digital specialists who are truly committed to the success of our clients. As your business partners, we help you conquer the digital space and grow your business online. With our industry knowledge and creative prowess, we help you engage with your customers at every step of the journey: from the moment someone searches for your product or service to discovery, check out, and beyond. We never take shortcuts and we’re 100% committed to results. We believe that’s what makes us the best digital marketing agency in Sydney.


  • Established Expertise: With over 13 years in the industry, Advisible SEO brings a wealth of experience and established expertise to deliver effective digital marketing solutions.
  • Recognized Excellence: As an award-winning digital marketing agency, Advisible SEO stands out for its commitment to excellence, showcasing a track record of delivering outstanding results.


SEO Audit and Discovery:
We learn everything about your business and see how your website currently stacks up in organic search engine results. We deep-dive into the data and see which SEO tactics are working for your business, what can be improved, and pinpoint opportunities for your website to rank higher on Google’s search results.

Social media management
We’ve helped businesses just like yours reach more people online and engage customers, using the power of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Our proven approach to social media marketing in Australia builds long-term brand credibility, relevance, and authority on the world’s largest social channels.

Web design:
Your business is unique, and your website should be as well. Our comprehensive four-step process covers every stage of web design, from strategy to creative execution and optimization. Trust us — you’re in good hands.

7. First Page

+43 1 3947173
Building 1, 658 Church Street Richmond 3121 Victoria, Australia


First Page Digital helps companies adapt to the digital age by bringing innovation to the marketing sphere. They are leaders in turning nothing into something great!


  • Award-Winning Expertise: Recognized as the “Best SEO Strategy” and “Biddable Team of the Year,” First Page SEO stands out for its industry-leading expertise, ensuring clients benefit from cutting-edge strategies.
  • Swift Action Wins: Emphasizing the importance of speed, First Page SEO adopts a proactive approach, believing that those who move the fastest achieve success
  • Transparent Practices:No hidden fees, all data belongs to you, emphasizing immediate action.


Outperform your biggest rivals with Australia’s leading SEO Company. Generate incredible leads and deliver unmatched sales.

Google Ads:
Let our experts take charge of your PPC campaign. Our specialised techniques quickly produce high-quality leads and conversions that skyrocket your bottom line.

Social Media:
Our eye-catching social media ads ensure your most desired customers not only notice your products, but also get funneled towards making a purchase.

8. Online Marketing Gurus

+61 1300 433 071
127 Alexander St, Crows Nest NSW 2065, Australia


As the digital world becomes more saturated and online marketing evolves at an ever-increasing pace, keeping up and even staying ahead of competitors is tougher than ever. OMG started with the aim of helping businesses overcome these challenges and turn them into opportunities.


  • Unmatched Transparency: OMG SEO ensures 100% transparency, eschewing excuses and shady practices for a straightforward approach to delivering serious digital results.
  • Evidence-Based Excellence: With a commitment to evidence-based strategies, OMG SEO provides an honest foundation to unlock explosive revenue growth for businesses.
  • Diverse Client Success: Working with companies of all sizes, including well-known brands, OMG SEO’s track record reflects its ability to help businesses achieve significant growth in the digital landscape.


Keyword research:
A key aspect of a strong SEO strategy is aligning each webpage with the most profitable and relevant keywords. The goal is to understand your ideal customers, who they are, how they behave, and how we can build content relevant to each stage of their buyer journey.

Technical SEO:
After 10+ years of experience as a Digital & SEO Marketing Agency, we have a decade of tried & tested technical SEO strategies. These focus on improving not only how well Google can access your website and its content, but your users.

Quality link building:
As an SEO agency, our priority is building domain authority for your website, which fundamentally impacts where your website ranks on Google. Our in-house SEO link building team focuses on building links relevant to your audience, from other high-ranking websites.

9. 10X Digital Group

(+61) 475 830 284
Doreen vic 3754 Australia


10X Digital Group is a digital marketing agency in Melbourne is fully committed to every project we take and ensure to deliver it with an unmatched quality that produces terrific results, We Are All About Passion, Quality & Trust and convey our motto ‘In Success of Our Clients Lies Our Own’.


  • Simple and Innovative Approach: 10X Digital Group adopts an agile methodology and simplistic techniques to create powerful websites from scratch, providing innovative and effective solutions.
  • Personalized Service: With a touch of personalization, the motivated and passionate team at 10X Digital Group welcomes client feedback, ensuring a tailored and finest outcome for each project.
  • Industry-Best Experts: Comprising dedicated teams of industry-best experts, 10X Digital Group brings together top-grade developers with years of experience and expertise, ensuring the delivery of optimal digital solutions for businesses.


Search Engine Optimization:
10X Digital Group is one of the leading SEO agencies in Melbourne that has extensive experience in devising successful SEO Marketing strategies and has helped hundreds of businesses to go beyond their current metrics at a tremendous speed.

Social Media Marketing:
It is a strategic method used by businesses to create brand awareness, generate leads, and promote their products and services. As the best social media marketing agency in Melbourne, we provide a powerful tool that makes your social presence prominent.

Website Design:
Our 10X Digital Group holds the expertise to develop highly engaging and functional websites for all market verticals. We have worked with hundreds of clients and helped them develop high-performing web apps that transformed their businesses and helped them grow expeditiously.

10. Prosperity Media

+61 1300 886 452
Level 1, Suite 102/83-97 Kippax St, Surry Hills NSW 2010, Australia


Founded by James Norquay in 2012, the Prosperity Media team is made up of a group of talented SEO and content professionals who practice what they preach outside of work. Over the years, we have grown from a three-person team to now a collaborative team of 20. We have a diversity of thought and differing special interests in SEO.


  • Long-Lasting ROI: Prosperity Media specializes in delivering enduring Return on Investment (ROI) in highly competitive markets, ensuring sustained success for its clients.
  • Seasoned Expertise: With a seasoned team of SEO experts and talented creatives, Prosperity Media brings a wealth of experience to the table, providing comprehensive solutions for digital success.
  • Consistent Hard Work: As an SEO agency committed to your success, Prosperity Media is dedicated to working as hard for you on day 1 as it does on day 100, demonstrating unwavering commitment to client outcomes.


Content Creation:
Get seen and engage people with content loved by both search engines and people alike.

On-Page Amplification:
We find the most promising ways for you to turn it up a notch and drive quality traffic.

Link Acquisition:
Do it right the first time. Safe practices that stand the test of time and support your brand.


#CompanyServicesPrice RangeCase studies
1JettrinetSEO, Link Building, Keyword Research$2500- 7500Technonicol, 5prism, Mircli, Varwin
2VictoriousKeyword Research, Technical SEO,Off-page SEOUnionbay, Agora, Eden health, OpenCare
3ClickMatixLocal SEO, Website Audit,Enterprise SEOPlasmar, JK Lawyers, The Skin Lab,SUBA
4Safari DigitalKeyword Research,Content Creation,On-Site Optimisation$2500 uphaipro, EX-IN,Jihuzur,Desert Fest
5Kreative MachinezSocial Media Marketing,SEO Services,Digital MarketingHosgator,ABP,payTM,HDFC Bank
6AdvisibleSEO Audit,Social media management,Web designMirvac,Forcast,Novotel
7First PageSEO,Google Ads,Social Media$1500 or $10,000Unicef,World Vison, Windorsmith
8Online Marketing GuruKeyword research,Technical SEO, link buildingTurmerix, Mud Autralia, Cachia
910X Digital GroupSEO Service,Website Design, Social Media MarketingEzondeal,Abode Home,Blue Charge
10Prosperity MediaInternational SEO, link building,On-Site OptimisationOpenAgent, RateCity,Oneflare,Legal Vision


Australia’s top SEO companies in 2024 are like digital pioneers, geared up to guide businesses toward extraordinary online success. These experts really know their stuff – they understand how search engines work, crack the code of algorithms, and use smart strategies to make websites shine. They’re super committed to boosting your website’s visibility, using tailored tricks like detailed keyword research and careful on-page improvements. These Aussie SEO experts get that every business is unique, promising a personalized touch for a comprehensive boost in online visibility. Team up with these fantastic firms, and you’ll be on a journey to more website visitors, better conversions, and increased brand visibility. Your key to online success in Australia is just a click away! 🚀🌐