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Top SeoTOP-10 Best SEO Companies in Melbourne

TOP-10 Best SEO Companies in Melbourne

Did you know that a staggering 92.96% of global traffic comes from Google Search, Google Images, and Google Maps? In the bustling hub of Melbourne’s digital landscape, unlocking this vast online potential requires the expertise of the top 10 SEO companies. These digital pioneers don’t just navigate the tech tide; they surf it with finesse, propelling businesses to the forefront of search engine results. These leading entities offer more than just a service; they deliver a commitment to excellence, backed by years of experience, cutting-edge strategies, and a proven track record.

SEO is more than a tool; it’s the cornerstone of digital triumph. In a city synonymous with technological innovation, these SEO experts serve as architects of online visibility, ensuring your brand not only exists but thrives in the digital landscape. Explore our comprehensive guide, unveiling the best of the best and empowering your business to rise above the dynamic online competition in Melbourne.

List of Top 10 SEO Companies in Melbourne

Navigate the digital landscape with confidence as we present the definitive List of the Top 10 SEO Companies in Melbourne in 2024. Each company showcased here is a powerhouse in the world of search engine optimization, delivering exceptional results and ensuring your brand’s visibility reaches new heights. Explore this curated selection of industry leaders, meticulously ranked and evaluated, to make an informed choice for your business’s SEO needs.

1. Jettrinet

+1 312 248 7910
350 Queen St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Securing the top spot on our list is Jettrinet, an international SEO agency with a singular mission: to significantly amplify organic traffic for businesses. What sets Jettrinet apart is its team of marketing experts, each boasting an impressive 20 years of invaluable experience. Beyond being a service provider, Jettrinet positions itself as a strategic partner, dedicated to leveraging its expertise to propel your online presence to unmatched levels.


  • Jettrinet excels in delivering substantial results, with an extraordinary 300% growth in organic traffic. Businesses partnering with Jettrinet witness a remarkable upswing in their online visibility, experiencing the first wave of results within just two months.
  • With a rich portfolio, they have developed over 900 websites for a diverse array of companies. This extensive experience in web development contributes to the company’s holistic approach, ensuring that your digital presence is not just optimized for search engines but also designed to captivate and engage your audience effectively.
  • Clients benefit from an impressive 73% increase in income, showcasing the company’s ability to translate heightened online visibility into tangible financial success. Their strategic approach is tailored to not only drive traffic but also maximize your business’s revenue potential.


  • Keyword Research Expertise:
    Their team takes a meticulous approach to keyword research, ensuring your business is not just discovered but prominently featured in search results. The process involves identifying the right keywords, expanding their reach, grouping them strategically, and ultimately guiding potential customers to your business.
  • Strategic Link Building:
    Understanding the crucial role of quality links, they employ careful research and scrutiny to positively impact the relevance of your project. The company’s link-building strategy goes beyond quantity, focusing on the quality of links to establish a robust and credible online presence.
  • Local SEO Excellence:
    The company creates and optimizes Google My Business profiles, actively seeks out local business directories, and engages with review websites. By strategically positioning your business in local searches, this agency ensures that your brand is visible to the right audience, driving local traffic and fostering community engagement.

2. Clickmatix

1300 159 314
Suite 409, 838 Collins Street, Docklands, VIC 3008

Second on our list is Clickmatix, a digital powerhouse specializing in crafting tailored digital marketing strategies. They are dedicated to steering businesses towards robust, sustainable rankings, and substantial growth through unique SEO practices, particularly focusing on organic search keywords. This agency stands as a beacon for businesses seeking not just visibility but a strategic and customized roadmap to drive traffic, leads, and a remarkable ROI.


  • This agency sets the benchmark for SEO success with an average ranking growth of 342% within just six months. Businesses partnering with Clickmatix witness a substantial ascent, securing top 10 positions in search results.
  • The company prides itself on constantly evolving its strategies to stay ahead of the digital curve. In the ever-changing landscape of online visibility, they ensure that your SEO approach is not just effective today but remains resilient to future shifts.
  • With an impressive 8.5X average return on investment (ROI), Clickmatix stands as a reliable partner in ensuring that your digital marketing efforts not only pay off but deliver consistent and substantial value over time.


  • E-commerce SEO:
    The focus is on generating explosive amounts of qualified leads, ensuring that your business not only attracts attention but also converts visitors into loyal customers. Clickmatix’s expertise in E-commerce SEO positions your brand for sustained growth and visibility in the competitive online marketplace.
  • Enterprise SEO Solutions:
    The company crafts comprehensive strategies that go beyond traditional SEO approaches, catering to the specific needs of enterprise-level clients. Clickmatix’s Enterprise SEO solutions are geared towards achieving scalable and impactful results, ensuring that your business stands out in the digital realm.
  • White Label SEO Services:
    Clickmatix offers White Label SEO services, providing a strategic partnership for agencies and businesses looking to enhance their digital offerings. Whether you are an agency seeking to expand your service portfolio or a business looking for a reliable SEO partner behind the scenes, Clickmatix’s White Label services offer a seamless and effective solution.

3. Impressive

1300 191 943
11 Wilson St, South Yarra VIC 3141

Claiming the third position is a Melbourne-based company whose specialty lies in implementing holistic, end-to-end marketing solutions. The essence of their approach is to not only generate traffic but also convert leads, grow your audience, and delight your customers. They become an extension of your marketing team, working collaboratively to smash targets and generate the results necessary to meet your business objectives.


  • Impressive excels in helping brands reach audiences worldwide through strategic international SEO campaigns. With a proven track record, this company has consistently delivered success on every front, ensuring that your brand not only resonates locally but captures attention globally.
  • A testament to their efficacy is the impressive achievement of a +180% growth in non-branded organic SEO traffic for “Supps R US.” By implementing targeted strategies, Impressive doesn’t just drive traffic; it generates substantial growth in non-branded organic traffic.
  • This company looks beyond your website and digital presence, focusing on the ultimate goal – the success and growth of your business. Impressive doesn’t just optimize for search engines; it crafts strategies that align with your business objectives.


  • PPC (Pay-Per-Click):
    Whether it’s increasing brand awareness, generating leads, or maximizing sales, Impressive’s expertise ensures that your advertising budget is optimized for the best possible return on investment.
  • CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization):
    Through meticulous analysis and strategic enhancements, Impressive works to improve the efficiency of your website or landing pages, increasing the likelihood of conversions. The goal is not just to drive traffic but to ensure that every visitor becomes a potential customer, contributing to the overall success of your business.
  • Reputation Management Expertise:
    The company monitors and manages your brand’s online presence, ensuring that your reputation remains stellar. Impressive’s Reputation Management services contribute to building trust and credibility, crucial elements for sustained success in the digital landscape.

4. StudioHawk

1800 841 126
1/18 Mount St, Prahran VIC 3181

Next on our list is a boutique SEO agency with a singular focus – getting you found online through organic search. Unlike others, StudioHawk exclusively dedicates itself to SEO, abstaining from paid and social strategies. This unique commitment sets them apart in the digital landscape, making them a go-to choice for businesses seeking unparalleled expertise in the realm of search engine optimization.


  • Whether working with enterprise clients or savvy SMEs, StudioHawk creates tailored SEO strategies that align precisely with the unique needs of your business and industry. This hands-on, execution-focused approach ensures that their clients don’t just receive advice but witness tangible and impactful results.
  • This agency proudly holds the title of the Best Large Global SEO Agency in 2021 at the Global Search Awards and the Best SEO Agency in 2022 & 2023 at the APAC Search Awards.
  • With an impressive result of 300% return on investment (ROI), showcasing the financial success they bring to businesses through their holistic SEO strategies.


  • Digital PR:
    This agency excels in Digital PR, orchestrating campaigns to build brand awareness and secure valuable inbound links. By strategically placing your brand in the digital spotlight, StudioHawk not only raises awareness but also boosts your Google rankings through high-quality backlinks.
  • SEO Content Writing:
    Their team crafts content that not only resonates with your target audience but also aligns with SEO best practices. From engaging website copy to informative blog posts, they ensure that every piece of content contributes to the overall success of your SEO strategy.
  • Analytics:
    Clients receive a jargon-free breakdown of the Analytics numbers, allowing them to track their return on investment (ROI) comprehensively.

5. The Hype Society

1300 00 4973
Level 19, 2 Southbank Blvd, Southbank, VIC 3006.

The Hype Society is not just an agency; it’s a society of creatives, designers, strategists, growth marketers, and data specialists. Born in Melbourne, this collective is dedicated to unlocking rapid growth for businesses seeking the perfect blend of strategy, experience, and execution. With a rich history of helping thousands of businesses over decades, The Hype Society stands out as a dynamic force in the digital marketing landscape.


  • They bring unparalleled expertise to the table, having helped thousands of businesses achieve exceptional commercial and strategic digital marketing outcomes.
  • Recognizing the challenges that marketers and business owners face in the digital agency world, The Hype Society steps in as a solution. This collective, comprised of an in-house team, partners, and collaborators, offers performance-driven relationships.
  • This agency’s founders and team members have diverse experiences in the creative, performance, web, and commercial sectors. This approach ensures that your business not only receives services but also benefits from a partnership focused on achieving shared goals.


  • Branding:
    Whether you’re establishing a new brand or looking to revitalize an existing one, their branding services ensure that your business communicates a compelling and consistent message across various touchpoints.
  • Social Ads Campaigns:
    Through strategic planning and creative execution, their Social Ads services are designed to maximize your brand’s visibility and engagement across popular social platforms. From audience targeting to compelling ad creatives, they make sure that your social ads drive results.
  • Web Design & Development:
    From the initial design concept to the final development stages, their team ensures that your website aligns seamlessly with your brand identity and provides a user-friendly experience.

6. Due North

1300 628 085
Suite 13/118 Church St., Hawthorn VIC 3122

Sixth on our list is a performance marketing agency that stands as a beacon for ambitious small to medium businesses in the trade, industrial, and B2B sectors. Renowned as a performance marketing expert, Due North specializes in driving revenue growth by improving marketing and sales processes. For businesses seeking proven and specialized marketing strategies, Due North is the strategic partner that delivers tangible results.


  • Every Due North expert boasts a minimum of 15 years of marketing experience. This extensive knowledge base enables them to craft and execute strategies with a proven track record of success.
  • With a 100% ratio of marketing experts who understand the intricacies of entrepreneurship, they bring a unique perspective that goes beyond theoretical knowledge.
  • This agency maintains a commitment to quality over quantity, with a maximum cap of 25 clients at any one point in time.


  • Google Ads:
    They specialize in Google Ads, considering it the most effective way to gain leads. Through strategic planning and execution, their Google Ads services are designed to maximize visibility and generate high-quality leads for businesses.
  • Comprehensive SEO Services:
    Due North offers SEO services that go beyond mere optimization – they focus on enhancing web presence and organic search visibility. From technical optimizations to content strategies, Due North’s SEO services contribute to long-term success in the digital landscape.
  • Compelling Content Strategies:
    Whether it’s blog posts, articles, or other forms of content, they ensure that the content aligns with your brand messaging and resonates with your target audience.

7. 3 Phase Marketing

1300 883 986
Suite 359, Waterman Business Centre Level 2, UL40/1341, Dandenong Rd, Chadstone VIC 3148

This is a dynamic digital marketing agency dedicated to assisting businesses in expanding their online presence and connecting with their target audience. Offering a comprehensive suite of Digital Marketing Services, including SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Lead Generation, and more, 3 Phase Marketing emerges as a strategic partner for your business.


  • Committed to helping businesses succeed online, this team brings a wealth of knowledge and dedication to every client engagement. Their collective expertise ensures that businesses receive strategic guidance and effective execution, fostering success in the competitive digital landscape.
  • The fusion of data, science, and creativity forms the core of their approach. This agency stands out by leveraging data to inform every decision, ensuring that its clients not only achieve their goals but do so with a reliable and sustainable growth trajectory.
  • As an award-winning digital marketing agency, they adopt a strategy-first approach. This means that before executing any campaign, they prioritize crafting a robust strategy that aligns with the unique goals of each client.


  • Social Media Management:
    They provide businesses with the means to connect with customers and establish meaningful connections. From crafting engaging content to strategic audience engagement, their social media services go beyond mere presence, ensuring that businesses build a strong and interactive online community.
  • Enterprise SEO Solutions:
    Whether you are a large corporation or a growing enterprise, their SEO strategies are tailored to enhance your online visibility, improve search rankings, and ultimately drive sustainable growth in your market.
  • YouTube Marketing:
    They specialize in YouTube Marketing, crafting strategies that deliver better Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and foster long-term growth. Leveraging the power of the world’s second-largest search engine ensures that businesses maximize their reach and engagement on YouTube.

8. Megaphone Marketing

1300 991 526
Level 2, 33-41 Balmain Street Cremorne VIC 3121

Ranked number 8 on our list is Megaphone Marketing, a performance-focused digital agency. Dedicated to identifying, executing, and delivering marketing strategies that drive tangible growth, they are committed to making each strategy for its clients truly awesome. With a focus on performance and a dedication to excellence, this agency emerges as a strategic partner for businesses seeking impactful digital solutions.


  • This agency boasts an extensive team of over 150 digital marketing experts. This wealth of expertise spans various facets of digital marketing, ensuring that clients benefit from a diverse skill set and comprehensive strategies.
  • One of their standout advantages is their proven track record of scaling businesses to significant milestones. With the impressive feat of scaling 11+ businesses to the $100 million mark, Megaphone’s strategic prowess is evident.
  • With a remarkable achievement of scaling 59+ brands to over $2 million, Megaphone has consistently delivered results that go beyond incremental growth.


  • Email Marketing Mastery:
    From crafting engaging email campaigns to strategic audience segmentation and automation, these are designed to build and nurture meaningful relationships with your audience, fostering engagement and conversions.
  • PPC:
    This agency offers PPC services, leveraging the precision of paid advertising to maximize your online visibility and drive targeted traffic. Whether it’s Google Ads, Bing Ads, or other PPC platforms, their expertise lies in strategic campaign planning, keyword optimization, and continuous performance analysis.
  • Strategic Link Building Services:
    Their strategic approach to link building involves careful research, outreach, and relationship building to secure authoritative and relevant links. Megaphone Marketing’s link-building services contribute to improving your website’s SEO and establishing a robust online presence.

9. Bright Labs

1300 420 130
Level 1, 636 St Kilda Road, Melbourne VIC 3004

Securing the ninth spot, Bright Labs is a digital agency providing website design and digital marketing services across Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. Leveraging the power of design and technology, this agency aims to enhance brands, expand market reach, facilitate the shift to digital services, foster customer engagement, and bring products to life. They commit to delivering world-class design, technology, and digital marketing solutions.


  • This agency distinguishes itself as a digital agency that creates transformation through the seamless integration of design and technology. By harnessing the potential of these two pillars, Bright Labs empowers businesses to evolve, adapt, and thrive in the digital era.
  • They excel in generating leads at scale through performance-driven programs. Utilizing marketing automation, customer profiling, and traffic analytics, they implement strategies that not only attract but convert potential leads.
  • They employ a method of testing and refining campaigns to deliver timely and targeted messages. This iterative approach not only ensures higher quality results but also establishes a strong return on investment.


  • Design and UX:
    They are experts in creating beautiful and functional interfaces for your digital environments. Whether it’s crafting engaging websites, intuitive mobile apps, or user-friendly digital platforms, Bright Labs prioritizes design that not only captivates but also enhances the overall user experience.
  • Hosting and Security Solutions:
    Recognizing the importance of a robust hosting infrastructure, this agency ensures that your digital assets are hosted with the utmost reliability and security. From website hosting to scalable cloud solutions, their hosting services contribute to the seamless and secure operation of your digital presence.
  • Social Media Advertising Mastery:
    Bright Labs specializes in Social Media Advertising, providing comprehensive solutions to reach customers through platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and TikTok.

10. Skynet Technologies

+61 73-053-8090
Level 8, 805/220 Collins St., Melbourne VIC 3000

Last on our list is a trailblazer in the digital accessibility industry, boasting over 9 years of experience. The company delivers a comprehensive suite of website accessibility services, including audit, design, development, remediation, consulting, self-assistance training, VPAT accessibility conformance report, ongoing monitoring, compliance maintenance retainer, and support services.


  • Precision and Timely Delivery: This commitment ensures that clients can rely on Skynet Technologies to meet deadlines and achieve milestones without compromising the quality of their digital accessibility services.
  • Recognizing the uniqueness of each business, Skynet Technologies leverages its vast experience, creativity, and expertise to provide solutions tailored to individual business needs.
  • With deep expertise in the digital accessibility domain, the team brings a wealth of knowledge and proficiency to every project. Skynet Technologies’ commitment to excellence is underlined by the caliber of its development team, ensuring that clients benefit from solutions crafted by skilled professionals in the field.


  • Comprehensive CMS Solutions:
    Whether it’s developing a custom CMS or leveraging popular platforms like WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal, Skynet Technologies ensures that businesses have robust and user-friendly content management systems to maintain their online presence effectively.
  • Digital Marketing Services:
    Their team offers strategic Digital Marketing services to enhance online visibility, engage target audiences, and drive measurable results.
  • Innovative Mobile App Development:
    Whether it’s iOS, Android, or cross-platform development, their experienced team ensures that mobile apps align with business objectives and provide seamless user experiences. Their mobile app development services cater to the evolving needs of businesses seeking a presence in the rapidly growing mobile landscape.


Rank #CompanyServicesPrice RangeCase Studies
1JettrinetKeyword Research, Link Building, Local SEO, etc.2500-7500$Technonicol, 5prism, Mircli, Varwin
2ClickmatixE-commerce SEO, Enterprise SEO, White Label, etc1000$+Uptons, Intech, Bellezza, Plasmar
3ImpressivePPC, CRO, Reputation Management, etc.2500$+Harrolds, Digi Direct, Hotondo Homes, iSelect
4StudioHawkDigital PR, SEO Content Writing, Analytics, etc.1000$+Tapt, CrimCheck, Koala, Francesca
5The Hype SocietyBranding, Social Ads Campaigns, Web Design & Development, etc.2500$+Joolz, Solar Run, EnergyLocals, MGI
6Due NorthGoogle Ads, Comprehensive SEO Services, Content Strategies, etc.AnySmartpay, Mr. Cool, Protoblast, SEDA
73 Phase MarketingSocial Media Management, Enterprise SEO, YouTube Marketing, etc.2500-5000$Ollee, Jaguar, Apricity, Brunetti
8Megaphone MarketingEmail Marketing, PPC, Link Building, etc.2500$+Droneit, Goalrilla, 66Fit, Boba Barista
9Bright LabsDesign and UX, Hosting and Security Solutions, Social Media Advertising, etc.2500$+Acsep, Vinnies, Clio Intimates, Arms Reliability
10Skynet TechnologiesCMS Solutions, Digital Marketing, Mobile App Development, etc.2500$+Createanet, Baronsmarket


Melbourne’s digital landscape is thriving with innovation, and these top 10 SEO companies are at the forefront, driving businesses to new heights. From transformative design and technology integration to performance-focused digital marketing, each company brings a unique blend of expertise and creativity to the table. Whether it’s crafting compelling content, optimizing search engines, or navigating the complexities of digital accessibility, these agencies stand out for their commitment to excellence. As we explore the dynamic world of online success, these top 10 SEO companies in Melbourne emerge as strategic partners, empowering businesses to navigate the digital realm with confidence, creativity, and measurable results.